Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst

pilonidal-sinus-or-cyst Pilonidal (pie-low-NIE-dal) sinus or cyst is regarded as the small channel, tunnel or hole in the skin. It may fill inflamed fluid pus which is the cause of sinus or cyst. Some amount of blood may also be carried along with the fluid. It usually occurs at the lower back or in the cloven at the top of the buttocks. The Pilonidal Sinus is the form of cyst which is filled with the pus, dirt, hair and debris and it may lead to severe pain. It may also lead to foul smelling excrete. Usually, Shop Keepers and Cab Drivers who perform sitting jobs for long hours may be caught with this disease. If we compare men and women, men are more prone to this disease. This generally happens when the hair on the body pushes inside the body dirt causing pain. It is also known as the depression in the skin at the bottom just above the buttocks. Pilonidal sinus is also referred to as cyst, abscess.

Common Symptoms of Pilonidal Sinus

common-symptoms-of-pilonidal-sinus It can be recognized through the symptoms of boil kind marks just above the cleft of the buttocks causing severe pain while sitting. It pains too much sometimes and carries a small amount of pus. The other symptoms and signs are:-
  • sacral region having red skin over it
  • Pain while having a little push due to cloths or while sitting
  • Foul smell Discrete
  • Carrying some amount of blood and pus from the opening of the skin
  • Whenever anyone having the above signs or symptoms, one must visit the doctor instantly to get immediate treatment. This disease can be treated with the help of medication, if diagnosed at the initial level. Otherwise, it requires surgery to clean the infected area from the pus,hairs, dirt etc. to get a proper relief.

    Possible Causes of Pilonidal Sinus:-

    There can be different causes of Pilonidal Sinus but the exact reasons are still unknown. Next we are going to highlighting some of the common reasons or causes leading to Pilonidal cyst which may be responsible individuals or co-jointly varying from person to person:- Hairs Puncture or penetrate or pushes the lower back skin
  • Creating the opening for the hair fall areaby rubbing the skin hardly
  • Pressure, bicycling, friction and wearing tight clothes may also lead to force the hair towards the skin
  • People sitting for long hours while performing manual work or driving may get affected by this disease.
  • Hormonal changes can also be a cause of this disease
  • Here we have discussed the most common causes of the cyst which may occur at the lower part. There are some cysts which may affect of skin of the body other parts such as on the hands specifically the fingers. This may occur to those who are performing works through the fingers such as dog groomers, sheep shearers, Barbers etc.

    Risk Factors for Pilonidal Sinus:-

    Pilonidal Sinus is enhanced by the time if ignored or not treated. Some of the common risk factors involved in this are:-
  • The disease generally occurs to those who are in regular sitting jobs like drivers.
  • Younger aged male peoplemay develop the problem
  • People who are overweight and carrying excess body hairs or inactive lifestyle may suffer from the Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst.
  • One should get timely treatments before the infection expands as it may become more painful as the disease grows.

    How to Prevent Pilonidal Sinus:

    how-to-prevent-pilonidal-sinus The following hygiene rules can prevent Pilonidal Sinus. People should keep their buttock area clean and hygienic. The people suffering from the obesity should also try to choose ways to reduce the weights or extra fat to prevent this disease. Avoid sitting for long hours.The people who suffered from the Pilonidal Sinus in the past are also required to clean the area on a regular basis and keep it hygienic. Timely consultation with the nearby Pilonidal Experts or Doctors may be taken to avoid the chances of Pilonidal Cyst or Sinus.

    Proven Treatments of Pilonidal Sinus:-

    To treat the Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst, two effective treatment or measure can be taken such as:-
  • The Traditional Surgery
  • Or the Advanced Laser Surgery
  • – Traditional Methods: In this traditional methods, a wound or a cut is created which may take many days to heal. In order to perform for the surgery, regional anesthesia is given to numb the lower part. In this method, an incision is done to drain the Pus and cyst is removed. One should consult the doctor immediatelyif the patient is facing the problem of having a cyst.A surgical procedure may be performed by the doctor to remove the cyst entirely. After the traditional surgery, the doctor may close the wound with stitches or may leave it open.
  • The wound may take time to heal, if it is open. To heal the cyst inside out normal dressing is done. It carries fewer chances of reoccurrence of cyst or a lower risk of infection in the future.
  • Compared to the above way if the wounds are closed with the stitches, they may heal faster.

  • Latest Methods or Treatment: We all know, stitches may take more time to get healed and are always more painful. Aside from the traditional methods, one may take the laser treatment which is one of the most powerfuland effective way to treat the Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst. Endo laser Treatment is used to treat the disease. To treat the disease or cyst, existing opening will be used. The existing opening is enlarged and laser energy is passed on to the sterilized cyst wall. The whole laser surgery is performed with the help of short anesthesia or local anesthesia. The laser surgery may take half an hour to perform. Whatever method is used, the only aim is to treat the Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst. Laser surgery of Pilonidal Cyst or Sinus is still preferred because of extra advantages such as:-
  • The recovery is fastest
  • Minimal postoperative pain or quick pain
  • Within 24 hours of the surgery normal activities can be resumed
  • There are no restrictions to diet
  • Visiting the doctor again and again is not necessary
  • Is possible for all age groups
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